Creating a Lush Garden on Concrete

HGTV’s giveaway show house offers the best of city living combined with home comforts in this year’s Urban Oasis build, created to foster creativity.

Grand Prize Winner will take ownership of an HGTV Urban Oasis 2023 in exchange for Cash, Vehicle and Towel prizes (collectively known as “Cash Option”). Note that market fluctuations could alter its actual value.

1. Plants

Greenery is essential to human well-being in urban living, yet finding space can be challenging. That’s why it is vitally important to plan carefully when creating a garden in limited spaces. Select plants adapted to the climate where you reside and those which thrive under low light or are insect resistant for your best results; group species together into lush vignettes so they receive more sunlight and water while decreasing pruning needs.

Plants are essential in improving air quality, noise levels and disease risk reduction – not to mention being an excellent source of oxygen! So whether you want to create your own urban oasis or simply add some greenery into your home environment, here are some ideas on how to achieve the ideal urban garden.

Urban oasis refers to any public open space, park or plaza which serves as a respite from city life and provides residents and visitors alike an escape. From small or large scale, these spaces allow for relaxation and rejuvenation of both mind and body – providing locals and tourists alike a much-needed respite from city living.

The 2023 HGTV Urban Oasis is located in Louisville, Kentucky and designed by Brian Patrick Flynn – with inspiration drawn from local color. From its striking black-and-white buffalo check floor pattern to the crisp texture of Briargrove 4 Light Shade Chandelier shades – it makes this showhouse an irresistibly charming fusion of southern charm and modern luxury.

For your chance at this year’s HGTV Urban Oasis, visit and submit your entry. Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, Nov 22.

2. Water

Urban environments present unique challenges when it comes to creating lush environments. As seen on this verdant rooftop in New York City, with its oversize tree fern fronds, evergreen boxwoods, flowering trees and trailing ivy. When creating a lush garden on concrete consider adding bold foliage that has the ability to add volume such as elephant’s ears (Colocasia spp.), bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), or split-leaf philodendrons to create movement throughout your space, making your space feel larger and creating movement within it all.

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Add water features to your green space for an enhanced experience and elevate it further with fountains, ponds and even simple watering cans as an affordable way to add interest. Add even more charm with bird baths or water walls such as those seen here on an urban rooftop in San Francisco!

Gardening on concrete not only adds curb appeal to your home, but can also boost both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Studies have revealed that gardening can reduce stress levels, increase physical activity and create an opportunity to connect with nature. If you want to turn your backyard into an urban oasis, start by considering which plants best suit your climate and water requirements before planning how you’re going to incorporate these green elements into your garden – and watch it blossom!

Winner of HGTV Urban Oasis 2023 will enjoy all the advantages of an aesthetic yet healthy living space right in their backyard. Entries for this year’s contest, currently accepting entries up until Nov 22nd, can be submitted through

3. Lighting

Planning and planting a lush urban garden may seem intimidating at first, but with careful consideration and some creativity you can transform your space into an inviting sanctuary. Focus on selecting plants suitable to the climate in which you reside as well as employing sustainable practices that protect the environment while decreasing waste production. Add pollinators to your garden by planting nectar-rich flowers of different shapes and colors that attract birds, bees and butterflies that play a vital role in pollination. Finally, use bold foliage to add volume and interest. Rooftops in New York are home to an abundance of greenery, including oversize tree fern fronds and trailing ivy vines. Additional popular foliage ideas for rooftop gardens are elephant’s ears (Colocasia spp), purple-blue catmint, burgundy smoke bush and feathery ornamental grasses.

Urban oases play an essential role in providing identity to cities and neighborhoods, serving as iconic public landmarks such as Rockefeller Center’s ice skating rink or Central Park’s woodlands and fountains to help visitors and residents connect meaningfully to their cities in meaningful ways. Furthermore, parks tend to bring higher property values;

As cities continue to rise around the globe, it’s essential that we remember what makes them truly great: its people. Urban Oases” provides an exceptional illustrated book that explores various green projects helping make today’s fast-growing cities more livable through interviews with influential figures from pioneers of slow flower movements to urban farmers and landscape architects – celebrating these innovative green projects while inspiring readers to create their own outdoor havens.

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4. Furniture

Furniture is the final element that completes a lush garden, whether that means lounge chairs in a corner or benches surrounding a fountain – furniture provides the final piece in making any outdoor space feel inviting and livable, drawing eyes away from any rough edges and rough concrete surfaces.

Urban oasis refers to any public park, garden or plaza located within an urban area that serves as an escape from the noise and bustle of modern life. Residents can use these peaceful outdoor spaces for restful contemplation or social interactions with friends and family; walking, jogging, eating drinking playing are among their many uses; giving these parks and plazas identity and sense of place within cities and neighborhoods alike.

Grand Prize Winner may elect to take title to the HGTV Urban Oasis 2023 home and its contents and forego receiving any Cash Option awards (the “Cash Option”). All costs related to taking ownership such as real estate transfer taxes, deed recording charges, closing costs, current/future real estate taxes, title insurance, homeowner’s hazard/liability insurance as well as any fees/expenses associated with taking title will fall upon Grand Prize winner alone.

5. Decor

Concrete can play an invaluable role in making any garden shine, providing a sturdy base for soft materials like wood and plants to flourish upon. Furthermore, its flexible form means it can also be formed into stunning shapes that give modern gardens gravitas while adding contrast outside period properties – all the while remaining harmonious with its natural surroundings.

Urban oasis blends boho-tropical design trends with rattan elements to create an idyllic relaxing space. This collection strikes a fine balance between effortless femininity and minimalist style, featuring neutral hues with varied textures that complement every personality.

An urban oasis is a public park or plaza built between buildings in an urban environment, providing people with a place to rest, socialize and reduce noise pollution while simultaneously creating memorable and attractive spaces in cities and neighborhoods. They often serve as venues for cultural activities like farmers markets and music events as well as providing identity to cities themselves.

“Urban Oases” explores greening projects essential to making our cities livable during times of climate change and rising urban populations, through interviews with leading figures such as central park climate lab director Ron Finley, founder of today’s guerrilla gardening movement Kotchakorn Voraakhom, and legendary landscape gardener Piet Oudolf. Additionally, this book showcases innovative projects and city parks as well as inspiring garden ideas that help create tranquil oases of our own at home.

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